Lost in a Dream

Lost in a Dream is a surreal depiction of bliss found in sleep.

Lost in a Dream

In many ways, it is a representation of what my real life is not. Inspired by music, nature, food and bright colours, it features 5 mini versions of me against a pink background.

Just Give Me Some Candy

Just Give Me Some Candy was inspired by a long summer I spent with Paolo Nutini’s Candy on repeat. With the lyrics, ‘just give me some candy’ stuck in head, I decided to give it my own interpretation.

Nature Bath

Nature Bath is a personal favourite, born out of my love for plants and my inability to care for them. One dead Aloe Vera plant and a dying cactus later, the only place I have been able to successfully co-exist and thrive with plants is in this drawing.


Watermelon is ironic because I hate watermelon. But I like the colours. I think it is one of the few combinations of green and red that I can get with. Because it didn’t feel true drawing myself eating one, I decided to inhabit a watermelon.


Ice-cream was made because I really like ice-cream.

For more, see @ojima.abalaka


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