Thinking things can get really annoying. Especially if you’re like me and you replay every cringeworthy situation in your head until you feel like crawling into a hole and burying yourself with dirt with hopes of one day blossoming into a flower…maybe. It’s like needing to scratch your head but you can’t because you need […]

A Night in Lyon

My friends and I wanted to see the festival of lights in Lyon and so; we booked an Airbnb and hopped on the bus from Geneva to Lyon. During the two hour drive, we perched ourselves at the back of the empty bus and glued our faces to the windows until we got tired and […]


I missed two lectures on a Friday to go to Berlin and this was a big deal. Months later, as I revised for my exams, I would think back to this trip and the lectures I missed and feel some regret. But for now, I was going to Berlin with my friends and it was […]