I Lost My Camera

First disbelief, because I never lose anything. I am scared of losing things because I’m scared of what that would do to me. I don’t like to test the boundaries of my anxiety and so; I do everything I possibly can to avoid being in triggering situations. I often imagine losing my wallet, dropping my … Continue reading I Lost My Camera

A Day in Castleton

After my first year of university was done, I packed my camera, grabbed my friend and flatmate Pelumi, and headed to Hope Valley. Pelumi was leaving Sheffield soon and wanted to see the Peak District. She’s spending the next year of university abroad.

After finally locating our dodgy platform and 25 minutes on a particularly noisy train, we arrived in Hope Valley. We really hadn’t planned this journey so we just wandered the rainy roads until we found ourselves in Castleton. This was our journey in pictures. Continue reading “A Day in Castleton”

A number of things I would rather do than study: A guide to procrastination

Aside: To any prospective employers and school admission offices that happen to stumble upon this part of my life, I just want you to know that this and almost all the other posts on this blog are tongue-in-cheek and attempts to be funny (some failed). In reality, I am a hardworking and passionate European and International Law student trying to get a First. Thank you.

Continue reading “A number of things I would rather do than study: A guide to procrastination”